Is Your Facebook Tab Sagging in the Middle?

Facebook and PizzaHave you ever had a slice of Pizza with just way too many toppings?  You know the kind that sounds really good when you are ordering it…the one that satisfies your salty, sweet, spicy and other taste desires?  You can’t wait to eat that masterpiece, but when it comes it is just too hard to handle.  Stuff flying everywhere and then it all collapses in the middle.  You end up more aggravated becasue while you initially thought it was the ultimate pizza, you figured out (the hard way) that is was just too much for one slice.

Well, the same goes for your Facebook Fan page…you just can’t have all the toppings on one tab.  You know those tabs that are longer than the entire page, but they have a lot of stuff on them?  Those tabs suck.  Not that all of the great ideas you have on the tab are not great, because they likely are great ideas, but people just don’t want to process all of that stuff on one tab.  You have to break the information up and put it onto multiple tabs in smaller and more digestible chunks.  Just like you might eat one pepperoni slice and one pineapple slice of pizza, you just don’t put them together.  The same goes for Facebook tabs.  Don’t make them unmanageable.

The best bet is to limit your custom tabs to one great idea per tab.  This way you don’t overwhelm you fans with too much information in any one place.  Most people do not want to scroll through photos, watch a video, see your products and then enter a contest all on one tab.  If your goal is to get people to enter a contest, then get right to the point and don’t muddy the waters with a lot of other stuff you are dying to tell them.  Again, just like you have to resist the temptation to load your pizza with garlic before a date, you have to resist trying to tell your whole story on a single tab.  That big tabs consistently take an ass beating from the individual tabs.  There is tons of data to back that up.

So when someone tells you it is a good idea to build that loaded tab, take a moment to remember that when you put too many toppings on the tabs it will cause your brand to topple and will be unenjoyable to consume!

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