You Need To Light A Fire Under Someone’s Ass!

Matches - The Social Media Badass

It is crazy to think that there are about 750 million people on Facebook right now and a shocking number of them log in every single day.

It blows my mind when I hear brand people say that they are not sure if they need social media or they even have time to use it…as if it were an option.

“We simply don’t have the bandwidth or headcount to update our Facebook page.”             – Former VP Marketing, Find Us In The Yellow Pages,  Inc.

This former VP must have read some buzzwords in his textbook and threw them out there in an effort to sound smart, because anyone who has not been living under a rock knows that social media is not an option if you want to connect with your customers.  It is an absolute necessity.  Not enough bandwidth to update a Facebook page?  There is no company in the world that can’t spare 5 minutes a day to help build their brand.

If you want your brand to compete in today’s hype competitive world, you have to get active in social media.  I know lots of times the “higher-ups” in companies don’t get the importance of social media.  If you are in one of those companies and you are reading this, then it is time to prove it to them.  There is ton’s of information and proof out there talking about the merits of social media for brands.  If you can’t find anything you like, then send me an email and I will provide you with information.  Better yet, set up a meeting and I will make a presentation to whoever you want that will 100% convince them that your brand needs to be in social media.  I will do it on my dime with no strings attached.  You can reach me at

PS:  If you need matches to get the fire started, just let me know!

PPS:  Don’t worry that I run a social media agency.  I won’t give anyone the hard sell.  If you or your boss don’t believe you need social media after our conversation you will never hear from me again.

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About The Social Media Badass

I am the founder of the social media agency The Big Fat Mouth which specializes in creating campaigns that translate into positive returns for brands, celebrities and professional athletes. We know the difference between someone or something being "on social media" as opposed to using social media to drive brand awareness and the accomplishment of campaign and corporate goals. If you don't know what I mean then you should be calling us.
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